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Whānau Ora Navigator

Corrina Ruki

We are pleased to welcome our first Whānau Ora Navigator, Corrina Ruki to our small team at Te Taumutu Rūnanga.

Corrina started late September 2020, as a direct response to our rūnanga and hapū members post COVID-19 rāhui.

Corrina has an extensive background in whānau tautoko and has worked directly with whānau for the past 20 years. Her knowledge, expertise and relationships within our community are an asset to our rūnanga and whānau.

Out of work, you will find Corrina at the netball courts, being a dedicated Netball coach, umpire, and all around supporter for the Canterbury netball community. Corrina has an ever growing whānau, with two moko and another due very soon.

Read below to find out how Corrina can support you and your whānau achieve your aspirations.

What is Whānau Ora Navigation?

Whānau Ora Navigation is a whānau led, whānau centred, strength-based approach to support whānau on their journey in achieving their moemoeā (dreams and aspirations).

  • Support strengthening whānau
  • Reconnection to whakapapa and whenua
  • Empowering leaders
  • Leading healthy lifestyles
  • Economically secure whānau
  • Support whānau to be kaitiaki of living and natural environments

Corrina can tautoko you and your whānau to achieve your aspirations, no matter how big or small they may be.

What can a Navigator help with?

Is there a limit to your dreams?

Some of the things Corrina can help with are advocacy, removing barriers, making connections, and linking to services/people/places in the following areas:

  • Connections and relationships
  • Financial support and freedom
  • Navigation of court and justice systems
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Earthquake support
  • Education
  • Hinengaro
  • Strengthening my whānau
  • Wairua
  • Housing
  • Employment

How does it work?

If you are feeling at a cross-roads or need some guidance to navigate some decisions or actions within your whānau, get in contact with Corrina through the form below. She will then make a time to visit you to kōrero about your moemoeā. 

From your first engagement, Corrina will take the time to get to know you and work through your plans to make your dreams reality.

Corrina will be lead by you, your whānau and your aspirations. Her tautoko will be there as long as you need. It could be getting a drivers license, working out your plans for redeployment from job loss, or as big as purchasing a house. There are no limits to our whānau aspirations, and Corrina will be there to tautoko along the journey.

Your information and situation is completely confidential and will remain with Corrina.

Does this cost anything?

NO! We want to see our whānau thrive and living their best lives. There will never be a cost for our Navigator to tautoko you to achieve your aspirations.

In addition, Corrina has access to resources that can help remove barriers, advocate and enhance your timeline for making your dreams a reality.

To get in contact with Corrina, fill out out the form below. She will then arrange a time to get to know you and your whānau, to figure out a pathway and plan to achieve your dreams.

Whānau Ora Navigator

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