Tāwhakai Whānau Aerospace Demonstration Wānanga.

September 27th, 2022

Whānau day at the Tāwhaki site

On Mahuru/September 4th, whānau were hosted by the Tāwhaki team out at Kaitorete to learn more about the kaupapa and opportunities for whānau.

Tāwhaki is a partnership between Kaitōrete Limited (Te Taumutu and Wairewa) and the Crown that jointly purchased 1,000ha on Kaitorete. The intent behind the purchase is to protect and rejuvenate the whenua out at Kaitorete, as well as explore aerospace activities and develop research and development facilities, and to provide economic and other opportunities.

Image: Beautiful Tāwhaki entrance out at Kaitorete designed by Fayne Robinson and Morgan Mathews-Hale

Bussed from Te Hāpau in Halswell a little after 9 am, whānau were treated to stories about the area from David Perenara-O-Connell. At the site, whānau learned about the different companies that are partnering with Tāwhaki. These partners were screened to ensure that their operations are compatible with the whenua.

We saw multiple and incredible flight demonstrations of small aircraft powered by solar and battery and we were treated to some fabulous kai. The day rounded up with a wānanga with whānau so Tāwhaki could learn more about the outcomes whānau wanted to see, as well as an update on whānau participation in the ‘State of the Takiwa’.

Whānau gather to learn about the different companies that are partnering with Tāwhaki. Photo courtesy of Mapihi Martin-Paul.

Check out the highlights of the day in this video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTBE_fazeS8

For more information visit the Tāwhaki Wesbite:https://www.tawhaki.co.nz/?fbclid=IwAR0Xu7Eh6ih0bWqVwFNkhq3-0EjlVo77cYezZLCzrKBJYtS5fwEg2Gdes2k