Tuia 2020 Mayoral Leadership Programme

February 20th, 2020

Te Taumutu Rūnanga Executive called for Expressions of Interest for the Tuia Rangatahi Leadership Programme. Tuia is a mentoring programme in which a rangatahi (Māori aged between 18-25) are mentored by the Mayor of their district to help rangatahi develop leadership skills and explore community governance. The Taumutu appointee will be mentored by Selwyn District Council Mayor, Sam Broughton. We had a number of rangatahi express their interest, all with strong leadership and commitment to the rūnanga.

We are pleased to announce Emma Hill-Taiaroa as our Representative for Tuia 2020. Emma comes with a range of leaderships skills. Emma is passionate about helping her community and is looking forward to learning different leadership styles, meeting new people and experiencing how leadership can make positive changes within communities. Ka mau te wehi!

Thanks to Mayor Sam Broughton of the Selwyn District for continuing to provide a space for our rangatahi to develop their leadership skills alongside yourself and other Mayor’s and rangatahi across the country.